Apostle Parice C. Parker

How does one define a powerhouse of excellence?  Is this achieved by the sheer
magnitude of what survey would describe excellence is?  We know that survey is
oftentimes fickle and led to fluctuations.  And, just how do we measure the power in a

It seemed a simple enough inquiry, didn’t it?  Well, it’s not, especially when it comes
to the matter of Parice Parker, Apostle, Visionary, and One Who Simply Defies and
while mystifying what a very limited survey deems appropriate for one such as Parice.

Successful Business Owner / Entrepreneur in her 20's of one of the most prestigious
hair emporiums in the Queen City (aka Charlotte, NC) before hair matters became
vogue! Author and Publisher Extraordinaire to the masses for Christian Reality &
Christian Fiction through her enterprise Fountain of Life Publishing House.

Visionary to bring that which is hidden in plain sight to the fore! Parice Parker,
Apostle of the liberated and undefeated champions who dare to go beyond the limited
and restrictive situations in their life to live a life of power.

Apostle Parker has broken every chain when it comes to her overall health matters.  
Not merely a stroke survivor, a Champion of 10 Strokes, which should have killed her
instantly. She be-cause of her Faith in the Power that resides within her has moved
against the dark portals of disability. She is enabled to surely move mountains with a
force that is truly inspiring.

Parice Parker your next hope for elevation in situations where survey deems it all done
and over. But, oh this is so not the case. Visit:
www.pariceparker.biz or www.
pariceparker.org or www.thehotatl.org to find out more as to why you need to hear
from her for yourself!

Apostle Parice C Parker favorite scripture is:
Proverbs 14:27
The FEAR of the LORD is a Fountain of Life to Depart from the Snares of Death.

In His Service,
Visionary, Founder & CEO
Apostle Parice C Parice
Mailing Address: Attention: Apostle Parice C Parker
P. O. Box 922612 Norcross Georgia 30010
Phone: 470.363.9136

Fountain of Life Empowerment Ministries
of Charlotte. N. C.

Fountain of Life Publisher's House
Fountain of Life Literary Art Academy
The House of Transformation
Miracle Ministries
Psalms 142:1  cried unto the LORD with my voice; with my voice unto the LORD did I make my supplication.