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The House of Knowledge is for the leader in the making. Bishop L D Parker will teach
you the In's and outs of developing in your ministerial calling as you will learn
techniques on how to utilize your gifts properly. Bishop L D Parker realize there are so
many uncovered, untrained leaders doing the right thing but going in the wrong
direction. And, he wants to strategically teach chosen leaders so they can avoid years
of devastations, disasters that can occur because of simple things every chosen leader
needs to know about ministry. A few things Bishop L D Parker will mentor you in:

Biblical Studies Classing - Online or 1 On One with Bishop L D Parker

  • Educating minister's to be WARRIOR'S for Kingdom Purpose
  • Equipping minister's in the truth about being a minister
  • Secrets to Master in Leadership and Biblical Studies
  • Mentoring Leaders in the making teaching them the Basics of
  • Licensing Minister's and once you are licensed here they are yours for
    life. You will obtain your Certificate as a Licensed Minister Operated in
  • Prophetic Commissioning
  • Ministry Impartation's
  • The Art of Accepting Your Call
  • Evangelism & More ...

Ordination Courses

  • Organizing A Church & Leadership Team
  • Church Planting
  • Serving Communion
  • Performing Weddings
  • Ministerial Counseling
  • Eulogy & Committal's
  • Counseling Marriages
  • Counseling Family
  • Counseling Bereave Families & More ...
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