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Word Wonders
ISBN: 0-9787162-7-2                                                 
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31 Day Devotional book to motivate the
conqueror inside. One day at a time to GAIN A
NEW STRENGTH and to be Empowered to
Living Life In A Messed Up Situation Volume 1
ISBN: 0-9787162-0-5                                  
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Living Life In A Messed Up Situation are
sometimes unpredictable. Most of us do not realize
how deep we dig our holes. Pertaining to the mess
our lives accumulate even when we are trying to do
good. This book is a cool chiller when the heat of
messed up situations are on the rise in your life..
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Aggravated Assault On Your Mind
ISBN: 0-9787162-3-X                                  
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Aggravated Assault On Your Mind New
Inspirational Book Release: When the believer
thinks that FAITH MUST  BE A JOKE because
fiery storms, and everyone progressing but you!
Now, "You Can't Take One More THING" and
you Want DOUBLE for your trouble Get this Book
Living Life In A Messed Up Situation Volume 2
ISBN: 0-9787162-2-1                                  
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If you want MEGA MANIFESTATION, Let Jesus
CATCH You Trying. This book is for those
EXPECTING a big CATCH strategies on how to
GAIN BIG ......
A Precious Gift From God
ISBN: 0-9787162-5-6                               
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A Precious Gift From God introduces the power
and purpose of your God Given talents....So many
do not REALIZE HOW PRECIOUS their gifts are
and the VALUE of its PURPOSE... Get to know
the VALUE INSIDE YOU. Order Today!
The Shift  2013 Book Package
Titles Included
Online Deal Only
1. Living Life In A Messed Up
Situation 1
2. Living Life In A Messed Up
Situation 2
3. Word Wonders
4. A Precious Gift From God
5. Aggravated Assault On Your
6. From eating Crumbs To
Transforming Wealth

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The Anointing Powers of Your Hands
$16.9 5

Teaching techniques to EMPOWER that Conquer
inside and sharpen your tools... Inspiring you to
to MAKE IT WORK! Order Today this is a must read!
From Eating Crumbs to
Transforming WEALTH!
$14.95 Soon

Finally, a book that keeps your
mind in a good healthy mental
state that causes your hope to stay
aroused! In a Burst Through
position continually keeping your
visions alive! Now, it is time to
identify the real you by
introducing the TROPHY
INSIDE.... It's Hidden In You!!! No
more Eating Crumbs the Crumbs

If you are un-happy it is time you get a New
Ray of Hope! This round is not for you to fight,
BUT GOD is going to do it for you and through
you. Though it appear to be the darkest hours
of your life. However, it shall be the Breaking
Point to your Greatest VICTORY! Take a deep
breath. Now, let it out Live Laugh & Love!
The Birth of an Author Shall Be Born

Running Power keeps you in a pressing
position only to move forward and not willing
to COMPROMISE not even Pleasure for your
PROMISE DESTINY! You, never taking your
eyes off Your Prize because by all means
necessary It's All YOUR!
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