The House of Transformation Miracle
God Called and has Chosen You For A Greater work. It is our Honour to work with
you in
Biblical teachings, and Preparation for your Licensing to Preach the
Throughout The Land. The Word of the Lord tells us to do everything in Order
that We May Stand Before Men Without Flaws. What makes
The House Of Knowledge
Different From Other Online Biblical Schools? We teach the
Full Gospel Of Jesus
as well as what need to be known in this 20th century Church. The Church all
out of
Order. We do one on one Over the Phone or Conference Studies, and Given
One a Better Opportunity to have a better learning experience-  by asking as well as
answering Question with a responsive Voice to hear and react. And The Great
Celebration and Preparational Sermon You Will Give In Front of your friends, and
family the day of Receiving Your License To Preach The Gospel ON The Road To
Prepare For Your Ordination.
Please contact Bishop L D Parker for more information.
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The House of Knowledge
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