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Word Wonders
ISBN: 0-9787162-7-2                                                 

Yes, life will throw many curve balls our way, and get us
completely off track, and out of line with Gods will. You
may not know when or how but He is going to answer you.
Make your request known to your Way Maker, and be
patient as you wait. When God’s glory can be revealed to
you, then you will be ready for all of your prayers to be
answered, and not just a few. My question to you is, are you
ready? If you answered yes, then get dress because your
time is here! Word Wonders is going to incredibly fashion
your mind with a fresh hope He will have to dress your
future with glorious favor! Are You Ready?
Living Life In A Messed Up Situation Volume 1
ISBN: 0-9787162-0-5                                
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Living Life In A Messed Up Situation are
sometimes unpredictable. Most of us do not realize
how deep we dig our holes. Pertaining to the mess
our lives accumulate even when we are trying to do
good. This book is a cool chiller when the heat of
messed up situations are on the rise in your life..
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Aggravated Assault On Your Mind
ISBN: 0-9787162-3-X                                 

When the very ones you have loved has MAXED out your
kindness, taken advantage of your heart and turned their
backs on you ... You are trying to do everything right, but
nothing is WORKING OUT! Absolutely thinking, WHAT IS
THE USE? Living life behind doors filled with chaotic issues,
from the voice of a believer struggling to keep her sanity! I
know you can relate. Is this what I have been praying for?
When hell flood your LIFE & The  
STORMS continue to roar. This book concerns REAL LIFE
issues! It is a MUST READ! Come explore how Aggravated
Assault On Your Mind will chill your nerves, even when they
are at a boiling point and you are about to loose your mind.
Living Life In A Messed Up Situation Volume 2
ISBN: 0-9787162-2-1                                  
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If you want MEGA MANIFESTATION, Let Jesus
CATCH You Trying. This book is for those
EXPECTING a big CATCH strategies on how to
GAIN BIG ......
A Precious Gift From God
ISBN: 0-9787162-5-6                              

Just when you think you have forgotten, and needing
fulfillment, God will present you with a very special
gift. A gift is typically given to you by surprise. An
award is given to uplift, encourage, and packed with
love. A gift from God should always appreciated
because it is priceless. God worked miraculously, just
to give you, and me the most precious divine gift of
all. You will never know what all God has packed in
this Gift. Unwrap it, and receive it with gladness in
your heart. This gift is non-refundable and packed
with shipping power from The Most High. It is The
Anointed at large! Assuredly, it's powered directly
from Heaven to you...
The Shift  2013 Book Package
Titles Included
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1. Living Life In A Messed Up
Situation 1
2. Living Life In A Messed Up
Situation 2
3. Word Wonders
4. A Precious Gift From God
5. Aggravated Assault On Your
6. From eating Crumbs To
Transforming Wealth

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The Anointing Powers of Your Hands
$24.9 5

Often times you wonder why, why me? Your life may not
look like much right now, but keep on putting your hands to
the plow of your  vision and do not stop, until you perfect  
that thing! Working a work you have never worked can be
extremely complicated and very difficult, but never quit doing
the work. God want you to use what is inside you, so  He can
display you to the world because He Loves to be glorified!
There is Anointing Powers  in the working of your hands
because He purposely created you. Faith without works are
dead, so work it!
From Eating Crumbs to Transforming

From Eating Crumbs To Transforming
Wealth: Anointing … Finally, a book that
keeps you in a thriving mental state that
causes your HOPE to burst through! Now, it
is time to identify the real you by
introducing the TROPHY that is Hidden
inside. It's your time to stop eating the
crumbs of life and Indulge In Your
Live Love Laugh & BE Happy
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If you are un-happy it is time you get a New
Ray of Hope! This round is not for you to fight,
BUT GOD is going to do it for you and through
you. Though it appear to be the darkest hours
of your life. However, it shall be the Breaking
Point to your Greatest VICTORY! Take a deep
breath. Now, let it out Live Laugh & Love!
The Birth of an Author Shall Be Born

Running Power keeps you in a pressing
position only to move forward and not willing
to COMPROMISE not even Pleasure for your
PROMISE DESTINY! You, never taking your
eyes off Your Prize because by all means
necessary It's All YOUR!
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All She Wrote
Coming Soon

All She Wrote is purposed to IGNITE a Flame inside you and
destroy the spirit of procrastination once, and for all. Parice
Parker is a POWER HOUSE author, and her books are very
inspiring they have the power to cause the lame in spirit to
run. All She Wrote is a collection sampler of Parice Parker's
Anointed book collection that will help you with insecurities,
push you to your purpose and possess your destiny. All She
Wrote will cause you to move, live and exist. No more, lifeless
life in All She Wrote. Order, your copy today!
A Writer's Heart
Coming Soon
Make Time To Pray

So many allow the struggles, discomforts, and evils of life
to redirect their lives from being viable because they don't
know how to pray. Praying is the most valuable spiritual
tool you will need,  and it is a real weapon of defense when
you learn how to use it. It will shift your entire situation
from bad to good, redirect your life from misery to
happiness and misfortune to being fortunate. Make Time
to Pray will teach you how to make your prayer more
effective. Once an individual develops a more effective
prayer life they become a hell destroyer, life changer...
Power To Push You

Militant Force ...When you fix your mind on the
power to excel and purpose to hit the target, then
it is a done deal. Your goal is now to achieve. No
one, nothing or tiredness could stop you now.
Power to Push You is missioned to cause you to
be an eye specialist. Your eyes will begin to see
the benefits of vision; the aspirations once
accomplished, and you will have an
IMPETUOUS ZEAL. No one can dream for this
vision as you or push it in the manner you can
and stay focused as you. Vision is the power to
drive people but first one must see the fullness,
must feel the passion for it to live and have an
IMPETUOUS ZEAL to birth it...